Safest Bunk Beds for Little Girls

Safest bunk beds – Create a bunk fit for princesses of cheap, affordable PVC pipes. Simply decorated with color, ribbon, tulle and other royal furniture, this plastic creation is extremely durable and requires absolutely no maintenance. Small girls will enjoy versatility easily removable decorations. As girls grow and their interests change, the royal decorations can be replaced with more adult features. How to make safest bunk beds for little girls, spray paint all segments of PVC pipes in the desired color and allow each piece to dry before construction. Create the base. Mount a 75-inch section using t-connectors to connect an 18-inch segment at each end of a 39-inch segment. Repeat to create another 75-inch section. Mount a 40-inch section using t-connectors to connect a 12-inch segment at each end of a 16-inch segment. Repeat to create another 40-inch section. Create a rectangle from the two 75-inch sections and the two 40-inch sections with three-way corner contacts that meet up.

Then to make safest bunk beds for little girls, build the intermediate layer between the base and the lower mattress platform. Put the 12 inch segments into all upward-facing contacts. Place the four-way corner contacts on top of the tubes in each corner of the rectangle. On the long sides, place five-way contacts with the inner opening facing the opposite edge of the rectangle. On the short sides, place four-way choir connectors. Duplicate the lower rectangle between the upper layer contacts. Fit the 40-inch segment between the middle apertures five-way connectors. Place a plywood board over this layer. This is the bottom bed.

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Build the second intermediate layer between the lower and upper mattress platforms. Fit 40-inch segment on top of five-way connectors on the long sides of the rectangle and on one short side. Then to build safest bunk beds, place a four-way corner connector on each corner piece. Place five-way contacts on top of the sections on the long side. Place the four-way cross contacts on top of the remaining sections. Construct a ladder on the remaining short side. Lay out an 8-inch segment of the tube in each upward opening of four-way crossings.

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